A Few Tips for Choosing the Ideal Family Healthcare Giver 

Who knows you best? Your spouse? Or perhaps your children? Best friend, maybe? If your primary doctor does not make the list, you could be losing out on one of the most important relationships concerning your health and well-being. A family healthcare physician is more than just a doctor. Over time, he/she gains an insight into your reaction to different types of medication, personality, as well as lifestyle. All this shapes the nuances of your medical history.

Dr. Efrem Castillo, chief medical officer of United Healthcare Medicare and Retirement, states, “Primary care doctors help you move through the continuum of life.” As we grow older, our functional ability changes. So, it is nice to have someone who can guide you through the health care system as that happens.

Here are five tips on how to select the appropriate family healthcare provider for you: 

Number One: Ask Around 

To achieve the first step in finding a great doctor, you can talk to your friends or family members. A recommendation from someone you trust is a great solution to identifying potential physicians in your area. Keep in mind that every person is different. Just because a doctor was good for your best friend or neighbor doesn’t mean that he/she will be the right one for you.

Number Two: Map It Out

Given you will be visiting your primary care doctor on a regular basis, making sure that he/she is located in a place close by can certainly be to your advantage. With your doctor being located somewhere that is convenient for you, you will be more inclined to maintain appointments for preventative care and physicals even when you are healthy.

Number Three: Make Sure You’ve Got Coverage

Now that you have identified some possible candidates, you could do a check on whether they work with your unique health plan. Using traditional medicate will require you to call the doctor’s office and ask for the acceptance of Medicare Patients. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, speak to your insurance provider and see your plan’s website to check if the doctor is in your plan’s network.

Number Four: Do A Quality Check 

Most people wouldn’t hire someone to handle the repairs in their homes without doing a background check on the quality of their work. So, why would anyone choose a doctor without doing the same? You can check to see whether your family healthcare provider is board-certified. This will let you know if he or she meets licensing requirements,= and whether or not he or she has passed comprehensive exams in internal medicine.

Number Five: Keep Your Needs In Mind

Each individual has his/her/its own unique needs, which change as time passes by. You can simply ask what specialties or areas of interest does your doctor have. A geriatrician is a great solution to people with multiple complex medical issues.

There are various other things to look for in a family healthcare provider. If you are looking for a primary caregiver with experience, trust, and honest approach to his/her patients, you will receive all of this and much more with the experts at Family Care at Park Lawn by your side. You can give us a call at (405) 455-5330 to discuss your troubles. Our doctors are one of the most reputable in the area of Midwest City, OK. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!

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