A wellness exam, or your yearly physical, is an essential part of your and your family’s health care. At Family Care at Parklawn in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Dr. Carla Walker, offers routine wellness exams for children and adults, including those required for work, school, or sports. Call today to schedule a wellness exam or use the online tool.

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Why do I need a wellness exam?

A wellness exam gives you a chance to meet with a health care provider when you’re not experiencing symptoms of an illness. The focus is on your preventive health and on maximizing your well-being.

Wellness exams are critical, even if you feel perfectly healthy. They’re a time to identify potential health problems that don’t always have outward symptoms, such as high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. Your provider also makes sure your energy levels are up to par and that your diet, exercise habits, and lifestyle support good, long-term health.

Wellness exams are also a time to document your health history. When you attend regularly, the providers at Family Care at Parklawn have a log of health markers that they can compare.

If you have something out of sorts, like unusual blood sugar levels or thyroid readings, you can get a diagnosis and treatment early when the condition is most treatable.

What should I expect during a regular annual wellness exam?

Exactly what goes on during a wellness exam depends on your age and health status. For children, a wellness exam may involve evaluating growth, establishing healthy lifestyle habits, and updating vaccinations.


Adults who have a chronic condition, like diabetes or heart disease, have a review of their medications and treatment plan. All adults get a check of overall health markers like blood pressure and weight.

Wellness exams are a time for you to mention any concerns you have about your health and ask questions. Your provider may ask you questions about smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, and exercise.

Wellness exams also include a physical exam. Your provider looks at your eyes, ears, and throat, examines your heart and lungs with a stethoscope, checks your reflexes, and may gently palpate your abdomen.

What screenings happen at wellness exams?

Preventive screenings are essential as they identify possible health problems before complications arise. Adults have routine blood tests to check cholesterol and glucose (blood sugar) levels.

Women may also benefit from a Pap smear to check for irregular cells that could lead to cervical cancer. Men may need a prostate check.

Family Care at Parklawn also makes sure women who are 40 and over get an annual mammogram, and men and women older than 50 should have a polyps and colorectal cancer check with a colonoscopy. Family Care at Parklawn can arrange these screenings for you and interpret the results.

If your provider finds anything during these screenings that raise concern, they may recommend additional tests.

People of all ages benefit from wellness exams. Schedule yours today at Family Care at Parklawn by calling the office or using the online tool.